The idea for MESH originated after MESH's founder, Ryan Ball, became fed up with how unorganized trips with his friends always was, especially when flights were involved. Seeing there was nothing else out there, Ball put the simple idea on paper for a page for each event that allowed users to plan together, view each others travel itineraries, take attendance for activities, share payments, and also chat with each other. From there, the idea quickly grew into what MESH is today.

MESH is built on simplicity and convenience to the user. These are the core of our entire company, as well as the driving force for all our innovations.

Meet the Founder

Ryan Ball

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As MESH's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ryan is responsible for the articulating the vision, development and execution of MESH's short and long term strategy. Ryan brings a relentless drive for innovation and a spirit of collaboration to the role.

Prior to MESH, Ryan served as lead project manager for Odyssey Pictures Corporation, an international media distribution and development company with some software projects, before moving on to serving as President and principal consultant for BB&T Consulting, a consulting firm dedicated to helping startups conceptualize their vision from conception to fruition. Ryan earned a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and a B.S. in Mathematics from Southern Methodist University.