Jamal's Business Trip

For his 3rd year attending the National Real Estate Brokers Convention in San Francisco, Jamal wanted to make sure he didn't miss a thing with his traveling work buddies, so he created a MESH event for them to stay coordinated. The convention is always very hectic, so it's usually difficult to keep up with what's going on and where everyone is going to be.

Created Event

Invited Friends

Jamal created an event for the convention and then made it public, but for his acquaintances only. Jamal invited all the people that he had become friends with during the past conventions using their email addresses, and he made everyone Hosts so they could all add new activities.

Drinks & Eats

Throughout the busy convention, each member of the MESH event added a different dinner or cocktail event to the activities board so that the other people in the group could join. When walking into the restaurant, Jamal simply had to check the MESH app to see how many more seats he needed to add to the table.

The Group Grew Larger

Along the way the group made new friends, so they began adding new members to the MESH event so they could keep their new friends in the loop. As the week progressed, more and more people showed up at each activity.

Split a Cab on the Way out of Town

As the convention was coming to a close, it was time for Jamal to head to the airport. By checking everyone's itinerary on MESH, he saw that a member of his group had a similar flight time, so he sent her a message real quick from MESH and they were able to coordinate quickly to split a cab to the airport.

Until next year...

Event Completed

So that's what Jamal did with
the MESH app, what can you do with it?