Robert's Family Reunion

Robert was tasked by his grandmother to organize his family's annual family reunion this year. Problem is, Robert is extremely busy so he shared the planning responsibilities with his two brothers, Andrew and Steven, and they all used MESH together.

Created Event

Designated Event Hosts

Robert created the event and sent Steven and Andrew an invite. In the guest list, Robert was able to designate both his brothers as Hosts so that they could make changes and additions themselves.

Assigned Responsibilities

Using the Chat Room, Robert explained that he needed his brothers help and suggested that they split up the task: Andrew would find a good hotel for the whole family, Steven would find a restaurant that could accommodate the whole group for "The Big Family Dinner", and Robert would get everyone on MESH and invited to the event so they could stay communicate about the trip.

Picked a Place to Stay

Andrew was able to find a hotel in a good location and a good price that would be appealing to both young and old family members. After purchasing his room, he posted his reservation information on his itinerary so that all other family members could see it and purchase theirs within the MESH app.

"The Big Family Dinner"

Steven tracked down a restaurant that could accommodate the entire group and after making a reservation with the restaurant he posted the restaurant location and time on the activities board so everyone could see the information. By selecting yes to the activity, the reservation information was automatically added to their MESH calendar.

Invited the Whole Family

By the time Andrew and Steven had completed their task, Robert already had the whole family signed up for MESH and added to the event. From that point on, everyone was able to get their hotel rooms, chat with family members, and see all the planned activities for the trip all using MESH. Some of the cousins even organized a deep sea fishing trip on the activities board!

Event Completed

So that's what Robert did with
the MESH app, what can you do with it?