Sam's Ski Trip

Sam and fourteen of her best friends decided to go skiing in Vail, Colorado. Sam found coordinating the trip to be a challenge when all of her friends lived in different states, or when it came time to relaying information. Sam used MESH to keep track of everything from inviting her friends, to booking flights, hotels, equipment rentals, and lift tickets.

Created Event

Invited Friends

Sam was able to invite all her friends to the Ski Trip Event page she created on MESH. Not all of her friends had MESH, but she could still send her friends emails and text from MESH with a link to download the app. Once everyone was on MESH, all they had to do was join the event.

Picked a Place to Stay

Using the Chatroom, the group was able to discuss and suggest
different potential places to stay, and by adding them to the
activities board the entire group was able to vote on their favorite,
and the one with the most votes was the winner!

Collected Money for the Ski Lodge

After the group decided on a place to stay, they still needed to split the
payment! Sam decided she would pay for the deposit and collect the money
from her friends. She used her favorite service PayPal to collect the funds and
link her PayPal with the Contributions feature on the Ski trip’s event page.

Booked Flights

Sam’s friend Adam was the first one to buy his flight for the trip. Thanks to MESH’s shared itinerary feature, everyone else in the group could see what his flight reservation was whenever they wanted. When it was time for Sam to buy her flight, she just selected Adam’s flight and purchased a similar flight that landed at about the same time so they could share a cab from the airport. All the other members of the group followed suit, purchasing their flights from within MESH.

Wicked Slopes!

Sam and her friends enjoyed the slopes and didn’t miss a beat for the
entire trip thanks to MESH keeping everyone organized and on time!

Event Completed

So that's what Sam did with
the MESH app, what can you do with it?