Taylor & Sarah's Wedding Weekend

Long time couple, Taylor and Sarah, finally picked a weekend to tie the knot, and they wanted to make sure everything went smoothly. So Taylor suggested (insisted) that his rambunctious groomsmen use MESH to keep track of where they were supposed to be during the festivities, where they were staying, and when they were getting in town.

Created Event

Setting the Schedule

To make sure that every groomsman ended up where they needed to be, Taylor added each activity for the weekend to the activities page, which included information on where they needed to be and when. This provided the groomsmen with a complete schedule for the weekend right on their phone in the same mobile app that also allowed them to share flights, their hotel rooms, and communicate with each other.

Collecting Funds for the Groomsmen Gift

One of the groomsmen realized he forgot to collect for the Groomsmen gift for Taylor! Luckily he was able to quickly add a payment link to the payment portal so the rest of the group could easily submit their contribution for the gift.

MESH Caught on…

When the bridesmaids heard what the boys were doing, they signed up for MESH and even used it for their bachelorette party!

Event Completed

So that's what Taylor did with
the MESH app, what can you do with it?