• Social Planning Simplified

    Whether you are planning a major corporate event or a small
    friends getaway vacation, the MESH mobile app makes
    planning your social outings a breeze.

  • Social Network for Events

    Use the MESH app to create your own personal events or
    browse through public events and join in on the fun.

  • Efficient Activity Planning

    Use the Activity Manager feature to effectively layout a
    set scheme for your proposed event and never deal with
    confusing plans ever again.

  • Book Your Flight & Hotel

    Matching up your travel plans has never been easier. Once a
    friend has posted their flight or hotel, you can purchase that
    same reservation without having to leave the app.


Social Planning Simplified

MESH is a new way of organizing, planning, and communicating with your peers for any kind of group activity, big or small. MESH provides convenience and simplicity to its users by combining the functionality of several apps into one concise app. If you are sick of massive email chains and group texts every time you and your friends try to do something together, then MESH is exactly what you need!

Simply Do More with MESH

  • Discover

    Check out and join public events
    created by other users within your
    MESH social network

  • Feeds

    Get instant notifications to stay
    up-to-date with changes to your
    events or invites from other users

  • My Deck

    Create and share itineraries with
    other event members for more
    efficient planning and travel

  • Messages

    Communicate in a more direct manner
    and stay connected with one-on-one

  • Attending

    Keep track of all the events
    you've created and have joined

  • Network

    Manage personal connections
    and search within the MESH
    network for new ones

App Features

  • Privacy Settings

    Designate your events as "public"
    for an open invitation or "private"
    to keep the event invite only

  • Categorize People

    Distinguish your connections between
    "Friends" and "Acquaintances" and
    even create "Groups" to speed up the
    invite process in the future

  • Chat

    Use the chat room to speak directly
    with all event guests to hash out
    details and plans

  • Activity Board

    View the activities of other event members, take attendance for activities,
    or use the activity board to vote on accommodations

  • Payment Sharing

    Don't chase money, just use the MESH
    Contribute feature and link to your
    favorite payment service to have event
    attendees pitch in their share

  • Profile Privacy Settings

    Take control of your MESH profile by
    deciding what information either your
    friends or acquaintances see